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Increase your brand credibility with Shopify POS

Increase your brand credibility with Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a Point of Sale system for making personal sales, which works together with your Shopify online store. With the Shopify POS system, you handle payment transactions at any store. The system offers all the daily tools a merchant needs, from receiving payments to creating customer relationships. The comprehensive and efficient Shopify solution connects your stock inventory in real time to any store or social media channel in which you sell and offers your customers seamless purchase options, such as local pickup or home delivery. With Shopify, you also centralize customer data to one place, so you can see a comprehensive picture of your sales from one place.

Why to think about brick and mortar?

We're not just talking about e-commerce, we're talking about commerce. In addition to an online store business, the existence of brick-and-mortar or other physical stores is important for your business. At physical stores, you reach more new customers, reduce the costs of customer acquisition, and increase the recognition and reliability of your brand. According to Shopify's research, up to 47% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that also operate locally. Local existence does not mean agreement for long lease and taking a big risk. With Shopify POS, you can test the product and your brand at a low risk with temporary pop-up points of sale.

Unified data from the entire business

With Shopify, you can effortlessly concentrate all essential business data in one place. Shopify POS synchronizes customer data, sales data and product information in real time to all sales channels and personnel devices. In stores, you can create new customer accounts in the Shopify POS user interface and, if necessary, new products that are synchronized in real time to all channels. Purchases made in stores are synchronized with the online store, so you can see product-, store-, and seller-specific data. Thus, you can develop your store and your sales person, as well as your online store, based on data.

Unity in the customer's shopping experience

The Shopify POS system unifies the customer's shopping experience between the online store and the brick and mortar. Customers can see the balance of the product per store in real time from the online store, so the customer can clearly see if the product is available and can already buy the product online and pick it up from the local store if they wish.

From the merchant's point of view, using one platform makes it easier to implement marketing and grow customers into loyal customers. Collecting customer information every day in local store, you enable the same marketing communication between local store and other online channels. With the Shopify POS system, you use the same coupons, discounts and loyalty programs also in brick-and-mortar, so you get accurate data about the different benefits in each channel.

Easy to use for staff

The Shopify POS checkout system makes everyday life and sales work easier for sales persons. The Shopify POS checkout system is clear and easy to use with e.g. product returns and product additions. For each sales person can create their own user ID for the POS system. With a seller-specific ID, Shopify offers seller-specific data, which allows the merchant to monitor the results of the sellers and to develop individuals further in the necessary aspects, just as you also develop your online store after identifying a development issue.

Each seller has opportunity to customize their own view of POS, which makes cashier work and sales work smoother. In a face-to-face sales situation, the seller can nimbly check real-time product availability, for example, from his own mobile device. Thus, in a sales situation, it is possible to move forward nimbly or, alternatively, to look for an alternative solution. With the Shopify POS system, the sale can always be completed, because even if the product is not available in your own store, you can complete the payment transaction in the store and deliver it to the customer's nearest post office you’re your another warehouses.

Which POS version is best for me?

The Shopify POS system includes two different levels. Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro. The Lite version is included in every Shopify license store free of charge, where you can manage products, process payments, develop customer relationships and, of course, keep stock inventory in real time. Thus, you can quickly test and start your brick-and-mortar operation.

If your store has a lot of traffic and staff and you want to offer even better customer experience between your online store and your brick-and-mortar store, the Shopify POS Pro version is relevant. The Pro version is included free of charge with every Shopify Plus stores, while the monthly charge for other license levels is 89USD/store. With the Pro version you offer e.g. the option to pick up from your store, you get a more comprehensive view of your stock balances and unlimited user IDs for the system. Read more about Shopify POS features here.

If you would like to test opening a brick-and-mortar store, develop the unity of sales channels with Shopify, or understand more about multi-channel sales, check out our services or feel free to contact us.

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