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Shopify Markets brings agility to international sales

Shopify Markets brings agility to international sales

Shopify launched Shopify Markets features now also in Finland. Now Markets works 3 countries in Scandinavian countries. With Shopify Markets, you can bring your international stores to one platform and accelerate your growth in international markets.

According to Statistics Finland, there were a total of 368,622 companies in year 2020. Of these companies, up to 94.3% were companies employing less than 10 people. Of course, these small and fast-growing companies create a lot of new jobs, for example. However, it is not enough that expertise is refined only in smaller companies. What we need is solid internationally growing companies are needed, and these SME business statistics are similar also in different countries.

Numerous online retailers and brick-and-mortar retailers are categorized into this size of business. Own product is of high quality and the brand is well-known, especially locally. Many merchants would like to sell their own product and test it in new markets. However, the different areas related to internationalization certainly bring challenges to take a step towards internationalization. With Shopify Markets, merchants and entrepreneurs get relief, especially with the help of features in the technical areas.

In our opinion, the amount of merchants using Shopify platform will grow even more with Shopify Markets in Finland. This same trend has already been seen in Sweden alone, where Markets opened in the fall of 2021. Since then, Shopify stores have increased by about 52%.

What is Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets is Shopify's management tool that helps merchants expand their business to new markets in a centralized manner. The tool can be used to identify, define, publish, optimize and manage your global markets all from one store.

Markets solves problems with language translations, managing multiple online stores on multiple platforms, managing and maintaining multiple logistics centers, and SEO optimizations for a single country. So you can create shopping experiences tailored to different buyer segments and markets in different countries.

What problems Shopify Markets solves?

With Shopify Markets, merchants who have online stores and business operations in several countries only have one store per country. Instead of managing several online stores, with Markets you benefit for example:

  • Reduce the work many times when development or bug fixes do not have to make to several sites
  • Avoid complex integrations when you don't need to combine several stores
  • Measure and analyze the results of different marketplaces in one place

Features of Shopify Markets:

  • Currencies
  • Language versions
  • International domains and SEO
  • Payment methods
  • Customs duties and import fees
  • Market optimization
  • Customizable market areas
  • Own pricing by market
  • Own content by market (coming soon)
  • Variation of products and selection by country (requires technical expertise)
  • Market-specific inventory management (coming soon)

How much Shopify Markets costs?

Shopify Markets is available for all Shopify monthly plans. However, certain features are included in more expensive monthly plans. To be able to sell in several languages, you need at least a Shopify Basic monthly subscription and a compatible theme or third-party application to make multilingual sales. In addition, if you want to define and manage prices by market in different currencies, you need at least an Shopify Advanced subscription, otherwise the price of the different currency is determined according to the current exchange rate or a manually locked rate.

What next?

It is exciting to bring Shopify Markets to Finland and to be able to use the great opportunities it brings to all merchants. We have already been able to notice the benefits what it has brought to our other Nordic customers.We understand the challenges brought by international sales and internationalization, but we want to support and succeed with more and more merchants in internationalization. If you want to understand about internationalization or even your theme’s suitability for a multilingual market, feel free to contact us.

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