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Viinitie has passionately dedicated itself to providing high-quality wine to Finns since 2003, simultaneously promoting a high level of wine and urban culture. Viinitie aims to support small producers and promote environmentally respectful cultivation in historically significant wine regions. The company strives to be a reliable partner providing measurable added value to its customers.

As one of the pioneers globally, Viinitie has zeroed its own carbon footprint. The company attracts top professionals in the industry to its team, with two members having completed the rare Master of Wine qualification.

Viinitie is not limited to importation alone; a part of the team also produces their own quality wines in collaboration with producer friends from around the world. Their own Raja Riesling wine has been born for ten years from a 0.2-hectare plot in Pfalz, Germany, representing the company's philosophy of purity, site typicity, and sophisticated minerality. Viinitie constantly strives to create a better wine and urban culture around them through passion and expertise.

Viinitie has been our customer for a long time in the context of Shopify development work, and our current challenge was to enhance the customer experience and take it to a new digital level by creating a learning platform within the B2B e-commerce environment.






Our problem-solving approach focused on updating the old learning platform, which was previously on another platform. Since the majority of Viinitie's B2B operations were centralized on Shopify, we wanted to find a solution that would enable the direct delivery of learning materials through the online store without the need for external links. At the same time, our goal was to personalize the customer experience and provide even more individualized content.

Tech partners




Brancoy created an innovative solution by leveraging the existing technology of Shopify and integrating the Claned application. We significantly customized the platform, paying special attention to the visual appearance and utilizing our robust UI/UX frameworks. This enabled Viinitie to have a more efficient and visually appealing learning platform that seamlessly complements their B2B online store.

New Learning Platform Impact

Our new learning platform not only meets the needs of our client Viinitie but also elevates the company's digital presence to a new level. This solution not only enhances learning and knowledge sharing but also significantly improves the customer experience, highlighting Viinitie's vision of high-quality wine culture and service even more strongly.

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