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Uhana - Shopify Enabled a Unexpected Customer Experience

Uhana Design is a Finnish fashion company known for its unique and eco-friendly clothing. The company combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design, creating sustainable, elegant, and unexpected garments. Uhana Design's clothing reflects a passion for environmental friendliness and high-quality design, making it a respected brand both domestically and internationally.






Replatforming for Ease of Use and Speed

Uhana Design decided to switch from the old Woocommerce platform to Shopify with the aim of improving the scalability and ease of maintenance of their online store. Well-planned business strategies and close collaboration enabled an agile replatforming project, resulting in the completion of the new online store in just one month. Through the project, Uhana has gained significant benefits in terms of user-friendliness and site speed. With the new platform, users enjoy a smoother shopping experience, while administrators have access to an easy-to-use and efficient control panel.

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Elegant & Unexpected Shopping Experience and Design

By choosing Shopify, Uhana has successfully crafted an elegant and unexpected shopping experience for its online store. The design not only reflects the brand's unique style but also pleasantly surprises customers. Elegant solutions, thoughtful details, and a visually appealing environment transform the act of purchasing into more than a mere transaction – it becomes an unforgettable experience.

Rapid Implementation as the Foundation of Continuous Development

The scalable and evolving Shopify ecosystem brings new opportunities for growth and sales to Uhana. We aim to collectively enhance the interaction and impact of Uhana's extensive and high-quality customer base. In addition to loyal customers, we strive to reach new audiences, actively testing and improving the shopping experience to optimize business operations and solidify our position in the competitive fashion industry.

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