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Arkive Atelier - Beauty routines with Shopify

Arkive Atelier is an online store for clothing and footwear care and maintenance. From the very beginning, the focus of Arkive's business has been diverse and high-quality content production, which teaches consumers about clothing and footwear materials and their related properties, from the purchase situation to long-term use.








Arkive Atelier is known as a strong South Helsinki brand and as a strong expert platform related to clothing maintenance. Arkive wanted to bring a new business strategy and brand look to the platform, where it can grow geographically and among new target groups. When choosing a platform for D2C business, it was important to maintain high-quality instructional content, which we also wanted to make more and more commercial.

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We set up a new Shopify store for Arkive, where we transferred all the existing content from the old Woocommerce store. Customer data, purchase history, products, product collections, blogs and other text content were transferred to the Shopify platform. Together with the client, we set out to delve deeper into their business and future goals. With these, the new brand look and joint workshops, we designed a visually stylish and easily navigable store for Arkive. We focused especially on the fact that we wanted to bring the existing high-quality content into an easy-to-read and understandable format, adding commercial features. Visually bringing the content into a commercial format required theme customizations, which we implemented in a format that works for all end devices. See customer care instructions template. Thanks to the features of Shopify 2.0, we were able to build a commercial site and present the existing content in a completely new way, enabling easy maintenance and search engine optimization.

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