Hetkinen - Speed, elegance and ease of use with a Shopify theme update

Hetkinen is a Finnish lifestyle company that manufactures small design products and cosmetics. Hetkinen's products draw inspiration from Finnish nature with a minimalist and neat design. Hetkinen's high-quality and innovative lifestyle products are all manufactured in Finland in their own factories, from which products are already shipped internationally to more than 40 countries.

The internationally growing business needed an enriched, easy-to-maintain and scalable platform, which the updated Shopify 2.0 version made possible. In the project, we planned, renewed and enriched the entire customer's shopping path in the online store together with the Hetkinen team.



Omnichannel succees

Enriched product-specific information was customized to the product card

The well-maintained and minimalisticly designed products and their versatile features were built into the online store as a visual and easy-to-find entity. Comprehensive product information was wanted to be shown to customers, however, communicating the brand's care and minimalism. The product information was enriched using Shopify metafields, which made it possible to present more versatile product information visually and in a user-friendly way, especially on mobile devices.

Tech partners



New possibilities brought by the theme update

With the theme update, the Shopify store will be faster, more user-friendly and more scalable in the future. A rich visual image and video content were made possible for the site without compromising the site's performance. In addition, Shopify 2.0 features make it possible to grow product collections and put products on sale with agile, carefully designed product information structures. With the innovations, we enable agile site growth and development also market-specific in the future without code knowledge.

More measurable marketing

It was hoped that the theme update would also bring new opportunities to marketing. With the theme's better performance and more engaging customer experience, the site is more search engine-friendly for organic traffic. In the future, the users and customers of the website will be analyzed and segmented, in which case the opportunities brought by marketing will also become more diverse and customer communication will be made more and more personalized. Overall, a user-friendly, scalable and converting online store creates new opportunities for marketing.

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